2014 Poetry Contest Results
As Determined by our Judge, Baron Wormser

Winner ($1000 Prize):  "Kingfishers Catch Fire"
    Winifred Hughes, Princeton, NJ

Runner-Up ($350 Prize):  "Roadsiding Hay"
        Franklin Zawacki, San Francisco, CA

Mr. Wormer's Summations:

"'Kingfishers Catch Fire' displays marvelous control of a very emotional predicament.  It weaves the responses and thoughts of a main character in such a way as to make the reader participate in a life while summoning up the grace and insight of a famous Gerard Manley Hopkins poem. The honesty of the poem's ending is particularly affecting."

"'Roadsiding Hay' is full of feelings that are deeply connected to the natural world but also deeply imaginative and much more than merely descriptive.  We are put into a situation that feels very much alive from moment to moment. The final line exemplifies the sheer poetry here."

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