Whatever stage in your writing life you may be in, as you self-identify, we are interested in considering your work for publication!  Here are our essential parameters for publication, stated as directly as we know how:

1.)  Is this YOUR subject, or does it seem like you're writing at 2nd or 3rd hand? 
2.)  Does every word have a job to do in your work?  The more a piece is worked, the more the tone of the work should appear as relevant details are added.
3.)  "Show, don't tell" still packs a pretty good narrative message, and impact.
4.)  Does your work celebrate the human spirit, even in abject despair?
5.)  Are you willing to work with an editor to tighten/re-align/develop your work?

Welcome to...

And, Several Notable Points:
1.  We are able to offer publication to only the most worthy manuscripts.
2.)  If accepted, your book will sell, by and large, in proportion to your own best efforts to give public readings, to promote your book among friends, colleagues, family members,  acquaintances, alumni groups, etc.
3.)   We send out books for review, but
have no means of compelling newspapers or magazines to write and print reviews-- except by startling them with the high quality of our writing!

And So, If This Is Agreeable to You, Please Submit to WLP!  Our $15 Reader's Fee Guarantees You a Response to Your Work Which Will Be Our Candid Assessment of Your "Publishability", with Suggestions for Growth in Regard to Building More IMPACT Into Your Writing!