When you step out your front door in a week, a month, in ten years or twenty, what aspects of the future will be the most startling, the most heartening, the most troubling, the most game-changing?

Will these factors improve the lot of human beings everywhere, in every economic station, or will only the business elite and technocrats benefit?  How will climate interact with future political and economic synergies to shape Future World??  What will the zeitgeist, the chief cultural markers, be in the USA is 2040? in 2070?  in 2100?  How will we continue to lead? How will we relate to the global world?

Take your best shot at The Future as you envision it unfurling-- with accompanying date range (your best approximation) for when this futuristic phenomena of yours is most likely to occur!  Then, of course, in 1500 words or less, detail the most unique characteristics of the new world awaiting us... around the next time-bend!  
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